The Gravel Experience


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The Gravel Experience is a guide, inspiration, and a community. It’s a shared resource of gravel cycling adventures and experiences. These are Rides that elevate the rider simply from the experience, the adventure, the scenery, and connection with community and environment.

NOTE: These routes are challenging cycling adventures.  They can be split into portions to rider preference. 

The Range

This route has it all: beautiful scenery, multiple creeks, varied eco-systems, serious challenges, stunning views through the Porcupine Hills and Grasslands of SW Alberta. This route is a full adventure and an epic experience. 

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Milk River via Pinhorn

This route is high on seclusion, untouched terrain, and harsh conditions. The remoteness and beauty carved by the Milk River is matched only by the wide open exposure. Be prepared for a total escape from the modern world.

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Gorge Creek Trail

An amazing high adventure road that has long ago been abandoned. This route wraps through the valleys around Kananaskis. This route is high on adventure, wildlife, scenery.

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85 km of Gravel Cycling in the Badlands of Alberta is an amazing experience. The terrain is stunning as you loop through the coulees and hoodoos around the Red Deer River. This route is perfect for a gravel bike.

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Edges of Waterton

An amazing 95 km loop in the historic and beautiful SW Alberta. This is gravel riding heaven.  Adventure, terrain, beautiful scenery, low traffic, fair weather roads. This is a amazing ride. 

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L - B - L

Lundbreck - Beaver Mines - Lundbreck (L-B-L) is fun and scenic parcours. This is a nice rolling 62 km route that takes the 'back roads' between 2 historic towns in SW Alberta. 

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