The Story

The Range was new to the Alberta Bike calendar in 2020. It started with a simple ride along Willow Creek after a day of camping at Chain Lakes Provincial Park in the summer of 2019. On that twilight ride the wind was still as I soloed out on HWY 533 and then dove down a gravel road that simply said “Stavely”...

The Stavely Road

I soon crossed over Willow Creek by a single lane truss bridge, on the other side a herd of horses galloped along the side of the road, ushering me on...

The Herd

A few more kms, and another creek crossing teeming with wildlife. On the ridge, 2 Golden Eagles looked down wondering what was coming through the valley. No cars or riders came along on this road; I was immersed in the nature of the valley as I crossed the creek for the 3rd time. After the ride, I wondered how much better could the riding be if that simple ride was a 10/10! The more I explored the area, the more my inspiration grew and the more I wanted to share the experience. The idea of The Range took hold.  

Gravel can bring you some of the most awe inspiring, rewarding cycling experiences anywhere. Forgotten roads take you to remote, often historical, areas. Terrain will challenge your limits. Scenery will connect you with the environment that before may have been foreign.