The Range - July 23, 2022

Event Info

What is included in The Range 2022:

Start / Finish Event HQ: The Range start/finishes at Centennial Park and Campground in Claresholm. This is a great place for team and vendor tents, camping and to cheer on the riders as the loop the park at the finish. Awards and Package Pick-Up will be at the Start/Finish Area.

Epic Course and Private Roads: The course will be well marked including private land sections. There is no access to private roads outside the event.

Timing: Overall timing and ranking for all riders. We use GPS timing for the 'Sector' ride challenges. You can enjoy the ride and environment, but still 'go hard' for the challenges, or go hard the whole race!

Package Pick-Up: We have goodies that include free event T-shirts and a custom bike plate with your name on it as a keep sake.

Support: Aid / Bike Stations, and Sweepers. Well stocked aid station ideally located at KM 40 and KM 80. Plus a great finish line aid station to refuel after the ride.

Camping: Camping is available in Claresholm and reserved for riders until May 31, 2022. (Must contact Claresholm directly)

Registration: Be part of a Grassroots Gravel Cycling Event in mid-summer on an epic course. True endurance challenge (e-bikes are not permitted). All participants must be registered for liability

Awards and Prizes


Full course completed in the fastest time. Prize is the Green Jersey and free entry to next year. The Range Green Jersey can only be won, it can’t be bought. Come back and defend it! 2021 Results Here


Men and Women's podium will be awarded some cash as well as some sponsor goodies.

1ST - $500

2ND - $300

3RD - $150

2021 Podium Men:

1. Carter Nieuwesteeg

2. Trev Williams

3. Shawn Bunnin

2021 Podium Women:

1. Susanne McArthur

2. Tammy Nishimura

3. Marg Fedyna


We love the classics that always have defining sectors. Sector Challenges can change every year.

In 2021 we had 2 sectors listed below:

The 1st is gradually uphill but is rough parcours.

1. The Range: 3.0 km – net gain of 23 m. Starts KM 37.5

The 2nd sector is a steep ascent up and over a ridge at KM 80. This road is over 100 years old and it extracts a toll from all those who attempt to climb it.

2. The Wall: 1 km – 120 m – Ave Grad 12%. Starts KM 80

Sector challenges will be marked with ‘Start’ and ‘End’ signs.

2021 Winners were Trev Williams and Susanne McArthur.


The Range is not an easy course. It takes a good amount of training and determination to take on The Range.

This award is given to a group or individual that digs deep to get it done.

The award is pretty awesome: The Range Wood Engraved Plaque

2021 Winners: Forsyth Brothers

SINGLE SPEED Winner and Finishers

The Range is a course where you want more gears, not less. Multiple double-digit punchy hills, a steep 1km wall kicking to 20%, a 5 km 8.5% Ave Grad climb, and flat to downhill gravel (maybe with a tail wind too). I have a 2x crank and a 11-speed cassette, and I use every gear.

If you take on the course with a SS, let me know. Share your gearing.

Finishing is worth an award.

2021 Finishers:

Niels Van Ommeren (1st SS)

Jeremy LaMothe

Jake Yeh