The Range - 2021

Event Info

The Range July 23-24, 2021 - Revised Format

The format has been modified to be a Ride rather than a traditional event due to the ongoing public health concerning COVID.

In that regard:

-There is no pre and post-race.

-There is no congregation at all.

-The Ride is designed to be completed while adhering to all AHS guidelines on outdoor recreation.

-The Ride is to be completed at your own convenience between Friday and Saturday, July 23-24, 2021.

-There is no official start time, just a suggested start window (7 am – 12 pm) on either day.

-This format has been reviewed and supported by local communities and stakeholders.

What is included in 2021:

Marked Course – The course will be marked for two days.

Timing - GPS timing of 4 'Sectors' for ride challenges plus an aggregate time. You can enjoy the ride and environment, but still 'go hard' for the challenges. If you are interested in being on the The Range Leaderboard, you simply need to record your route with your favorite device or app during the specific dates and times.

Package Pick-Up: We have back-packs and bike plates for everyone. T-Shirts are also available for those registered last year. Pick up will be available at the Claresholm Campground July 22-24.

Support: There will not be support on Friday. This day is self-supported. Tentatively planning Aid Stations, and Sweepers on Saturday. As we get closer to the date, I’ll firm the plan based on volunteers and COVID restrictions

Routes: Please follow The Range and The Rustler routes listed on this site.

Camping: Camping is available in Claresholm with sites held for the weekend for riders until May 31. (Must contact Claresholm directly)

Registration: All participants must be registered

Awards and Prizes


Full course completed in the fastest time. Prize is the Green Jersey and free entry to next year. The Range Green Jersey can only be won, it can’t be bought. Come back and defend it!


The Range is a course where you want more gears, not less. Multiple double-digit punchy hills, a steep 1km wall kicking to 20%, a 5 km 8.5% Ave Grad climb, and flat to downhill gravel (maybe with a tail wind too). I have a 2x crank and a 11-speed cassette, and I use every gear.

If you take on the course with a SS, let me know. Share your gearing.

Finishing is worth an award.


We love the classics, and these 2 sectors are unique to this ride.

The 1st is gradually uphill but is rough parcours. It starts and finishes with creek crossings.

1. Creek to Creek: 3.6 km – net gain of 23 m. Starts KM 37.5

The 2nd sector is a steep ascent up and over a ridge at KM 80. This road is over 100 years old and it extracts a toll from all those who attempt to climb it.

2. The Wall: 1 km – 120 m – Ave Grad 12%. Starts KM 80

Sector challenges will be marked with ‘Start’ and ‘End’ signs.


The Range is not an easy course. It takes a good amount of training and determination to take on The Range.

We’ll be doing 2 draws for anyone who finishes The Range in over 7 hrs.

The award is pretty awesome: The Range Wood Engraved Plaque


Gravel rigs come in all types. There is no set formula depending on your style of riding and goals.

How it works:

• Submit your gravel ride on Ride The Range facebook page between July 1 and July 17. Tell us about your ride, and what makes it so awesome.
• Poll will be set up on July 18 to 20 of 5 select bike profiles.
• Group votes on the winner.
• Winner announced on July 21 for a Black Jersey