Climber's Delight

Plateau Mtn Road

Rating: Premier
Distance: 21.7 km (One way)
Elev Gain: 826 m
Percent Gravel: 100%
Surface: Gravel, Packed Dirt
Difficulty: 3
Tire: 30+mm
Road: Public

This may be the longest gravel climb in Alberta. It absolutely is a climber's climb.

It starts at the north end of Chain Lakes off Hwy 22. The road is listed as HWY 532, secondary highway and is closed in the winter. Usually opens May 1 to cars, but can be ridden earlier.

The climb is truly remarkable as you start in a prairie eco-system, then go to montane, sub-alpine, and end at alpine.

Similarly to the varied eco-systems, the climb gradually becomes more steep ending at 14% as you finish up at Plateau Mountain. Looking east, you'll have an amazing view of the prairie.

The locals call this route The Hump, and that will be the main Strava segment you'll find.

A steep road like this will get some wash board, hard and rough on the way down. You can connect with Hwy 40 and go north or south to make some very long gravel sessions.