Gravel in the Badlands

Rating: Premier
Distance: 85 km
Elevation Gain: 829 m
Percent Gravel: 75%
Surface: Gravel, Packed Dirt
Difficulty: 4 
Road Type: Public 
Tire: 32-40 mm

Drumheller and gravel just go together. If there is an area that the gravel bike was made for, it seems to be these roads. The surfaces are too loose or too rough for a road bike, and a cross country mtn bike would be too slow to cover this route. The hills are steep and winding, but not technical which is perfect for a gravel rig. 

The surrounding area has plenty of scenery and history as you roll between hoodoos and coulees created around the majestic Red Deer river. This is the Badlands, a unique landscape that everyone should experience. 

The route takes you through the historic town of Rosedale. There is a historical mining site just to north of the town before the steep ascent back on to the prairie.  There is also the timeless burger and ice cream stand, Asteroid, which is one of a kind. There is also plenty to do in and around Drumheller if you have extra time.  

This area has major highways north-south and east-west, which is perfect because they take all the cars. Even though Drumheller is busy, the gravel roads are very quiet. 

All roads are public. Beware that some are fair weather and will take a couple days to dry out after a heavy rain.