Gravel Heaven

Edges of Waterton

Rating: Premier
Distance: 77 km
Elevation Gain: 994 m
Percent Gravel: 98%
Surface: Gravel, Dirt
Difficulty: 4 
Road Type: Public 
Tire: 30-35 mm

I LOVE this route! Starts at the beautiful Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. The first turn is on to a fantastic rustic pioneer road. You immediately know you are in great gravel country. The road winds down a coulee in 2 big turns, something you would never see on a modern road. This is when they made roads to fit into the land for wagons (instead of reshaping the land to fit the road). 

Once you head out of the coulee on a short paved section, you turn south and begin the adventure toward Castle Wildland Provincial Park. You steadily climb about 600 m over the next 21 km through the forest toward the Waterton mountain range. It’s a beautiful ride. 

Once at the high point, you roll along a high elevation alpine road around Victoria Peak. Amazing ride.

You then turn east and descent gently back to the prairie. You’ll go past the Waterton Complex and turn north to connect back to the gravel roads SE of Beauvais Lake. These are great rolling nature roads for 20 km.

This route has it all. Adventure, terrain, beautiful scenery, low traffic. Premier Gravel Experience!

All roads are public and good wet or dry.