Abandoned Road

Gorge Creek Trail

Rating: Premier
Distance: 81 km
Elevation Gain: 1095 m
Percent Gravel: 44%
Surface: Packed Dirt, 2 Track
Road Type: Public 
Tire: 35+ mm

The Gorge Creek Trail is an amazing high adventure road that has long ago been abandoned - by cars!

The road was once used and still has street signs and pylons, but that was long ago and now most of it closed to cars - permanently. The signs are usually bent and worn. Some culverts are washed out which makes for natural creek crossings. The road has been taken over by nature, and often is only now a single or double track in the brush. This is more of a wildlife corridor than a human mode of transport, beware of bears. This old route is deep into the Foothills and is the most western connection between HWY 546 and 549, prime Kananaskis Country. You often won’t see it on maps.

This loop comes back along the Sheep River (HWY 546). It is stunning, beautiful and quiet paved road. There are some fun gravel roads that connect you back to Millarville and let you avoid HWY 22 almost entirely as well.

This route is high on Adventure, Wildlife, Scenery, and is very quiet.