Classic Fun

L - B - L

Rating: Premier
Distance: 81 km
Elevation Gain: 1015 m
Percent Gravel: 75%
Surface: Gravel
Difficulty: 4
Road: Public 
Tire: 30-40 mm

This is first and foremost a fun route! Up, down, left, right – the kind of parcours that never bores you with long climbs or flat grinds. 

I call this one Lundbreck – Beaver Mines – Lundbreck (L-B-L) as it uses the lesser known gravel roads between the small towns in the MD of Pincher Creek. This area really transitions into a parkland and sub-alpine area as you leave the prairie around Lundbreck. It borders Castle Provincial Park. 

One highlight is the truss bridge that crosses the beautiful Castle River. This river flows crystal clear in the summer and is such a good swimming hole that locals have attached a rope under the bridge to swing into the refreshing water! 

A key road is the full loop on ‘Notch Road just to the SE of Beaver Mines. Some signs refer to this as Gladstone Valley Road. It also called Grumpy’s Road. It is great gravel loop, either way! 

Around the area you’ll see historic buildings, beautiful views of the valleys and mountains which seem to be on 3 sides at times. Stop at the historic General Store in Beaver Mines and the brewery in Lundbreck. A short ride will also take you to Lundbreck Falls on the 3A.

Castle River