2020 Sections

Section 1 / Kelsey Dawson

The views start right from the opening km, and you’ll soon leave modern society behind.

Section 2 / Bottom Sharples

Short and beautiful section that meanders beside a creek.


Section 3 / Gravel 520

Gentle and curving rollers through the grasslands heading west as you approach the hills.


Section 4 / Burke Creek Ranch

2-track ranch road and a natural creek crossing. This is a highlight section on private land, a special treat for The Range.


Section 5 / Ridge Hill Climb

The first big climb of the day and a steady gradient. Views of the hills and valleys from the ridge will be a nice distraction.


Section 6 / Skyline

The queen section of the ride is one of the most scenic and quiet roads you will ever be on. Enjoy.


Section 7 / Porcupine Hills

Dirt roads and steep slopes through this dense forest will take a lot of energy at this stage in the ride. No straight or flat in this section.


Section 8 / Lyndon Creek

This awesome section starts with a natural creek crossing and follows the creek for 19.5 km. Rugged to start with 2-track ranch road, but transitions to a fast and hard gravel track.